Looking Through a Sharper Lens


Artist Snipe Won / Hip Hop – Florida/ New Jersey/ NYC

A diverse Hip Hop artist with a complex urban flow mixed with southern roots, the hustle of a New Yorker and a New Jersey state of mind Snipe Won takes to the studio to finish production on his latest album. Snipe has had radio play from some of the most elite DJ’s in the NYC area, including Tony Touch, DJ Clue and Marley Marl (he was 4-time champion on Marley’s Power 105 Future Flavors radio show here in NYC) just to name a few.

“In combat, a sniper will wait patiently for that one perfect shot. Laid out, in camouflage with the game in his cross hairs…Snipe Won is ready to take his shot!”


Travel Eurokracy / Autos – Montreal, Canada June 27-29, 2014

Canada’s annual Eurokracy car show at Naiperville Dragway in Quebec brings people and their autos from all over to celebrate a weekend of show cars, culture and racing. After the show people pour into the city of Montreal to experience its attractions. Good times and awesome sights. Make sure to bring your passport and introduce yourself in French!


Travel – Europe. Spain/ Germany  – Dec/2013- Jan/2014

I recently had the pleasure and opportunity to explore Spain (Barcelona, Tarragona, Reus , Salou) and Frankfurt Germany for the 2013 holiday season. A fun eye opening trip learning and experiencing new cultures and lands.


 Artist – Gabrielle Do – The Zilla Project – Nov./2013

“Born and raised in New Jersey but she is currently residing in New York. She is a semester away frm her B.A. in English and a Minor In Bible at Nyack College. Gabrielle Do, is a slam artist, Public Speaker, a poet and a strong proponent of Spoken Word Poetry.”

Check Zilla out

All art, photography and music copywright 2018 for AKproductions and RaphealCrump


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