Growing up in the streets of NYC, I would always see shoes hanging from power lines. I thought about those times I would ride my bike to the nearest shoe store for hours studying the newest shoes and then go home and draw them and create my own designs.  It was a New Years eve when I set a goal and decided to switch the focus of my art and really create what I love. With MOTFK I wanted to tell the story of culture and fashion affect both myself and the world around. Taking iconic footwear and putting them in urban situations, my paintings tell a story of how we elevate value of objects in society.  My favorite shoes are now collectors items and are valued at thousands of dollars. What if they were tied together, out of reach and disregarded?  Welcome to the series Mystery of the Flying Kicks.



MOTFK Art Basel Miami
Painting the “Art” Dunks
Live Painting at Kixpo
Large Scale paintings for Residency program