Current Project : Mystery of the Flying Kicks 



For the past few years I have been thinking up plans for my own gallery show. I wanted to do something that tells a story while being forward and fun at the same time. I thought about my childhood and my passion for sneaker design, all of the adventures I had visiting cities around the world, my art and the meaning behind it. POW!  You can say the idea knocked the shoes off my feet. Since the beginning of  January 2017 I have been hinting about a new body of work I am doing themed “Mystery of the Flying Kicks“.  A series that I am currently working on that sheds light on those shoes you see slung over power lines. I Focus on the most popular and hard to acquire iconic footwear, set in harsh situations that will keep you questioning why and how they got there. Stay tuned for progress and updates and in the mean time get your very own original work of art done.motfk

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  1. I want to say i am very proud of you My Son, I love your creative genius and I am am your biggest fan. I love you.

  2. Wow this is amazing and glad to see your creativity shine, lol I guess this mames me your third biggest fan.

  3. yoo ralph wuts good just showing love to the page…i remember since i was a youngn in the art room looking up to the dope art you did around the school…few yrs later you still doing your thing…thanks for the motivation to follow your passion my G…respect

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