While working on the Raffle painting for Mystery of the Flying Kicks, Rapheal has a few other fun projects in the works!

The “Keepin it 100″ MOTFK series. The start of 12×12” canvases showing your fave kicks. This round is the Michael Jordan 1 “Banned” and Fragment are up for sale for a short period of time at an affordable price for lovers of the series. only one of each made! stay tuned for other kicks to be painted in this style.

This sneaker cluster is a large canvas dedicated to both graffiti and fine arts donning the Nike SB dunks with Futura Designs and Bernard Buffet. Both iconic shoes are very rare at only 24 and 200 pairs developed. At time of resale availability they were priced at over $2000 and $20,000+. Stay tuned for the finished product.

New Installations

For the month of April, Rapheal’s newest completed works will be up as an installation at the historic downtown Dallas Mitchell Lofts. As you enter the main atrium lobby, you are greeted with an ode to the buildings history displayed with the Mystery of the Flying Kicks theme. Three large 5’x5′ paintings depict the footwear of the 1930s era and how they relate to the buildings history. As women became a strong part in the WWII work force you will discover popular shoes worn at the time and the paper clippings that went with their advertisement. A second painting depicts mens military U.S. Army and paratrooper boots with the buildings WWII articles, blueprints to missile parts made in the factory and war era posters. The third painting involves the innovation in basketball sneakers as shoe companies pushed boundaries with new materials, technology and support.



2018 is here and Rapheal has started it off strong. Collaborating with some of Dallas’ top artist in a showcase called “Army of Artists” By Royal Mercenaries. A group of artists collaborated on artwork and presented the showcase along with up and coming musicians from the Dallas area.




Mystery of the Flying Kicks made it to the 2017 Art Basel Miami Art Fair!

Rapheal was hosted by SPECTRUM and shown with BlinkGroup Gallery booth 315.

See details below, pictures to come!


AKArtbaselSpectrumBlinkGroupBlinkGroup SpectrumMOFTK STORE2


 Mystery of the Flying Kicks News


In early August through September I teamed up with Articulation Art in Dallas, Tx to knock out a series of Murals with themes titled Champion, Home And Challenger to go with the beautification of their corporate headquarters showcasing 3 murals along side of some of Dallas’ Top Artists.



Mystery of the Flying Kicks with Oak & Hatchet

I had the pleasure to team up with the guys over at Oak & Hatchet for an interview for their series FOR THE MAKERS. O&H’s origins are from woodworking and an affection for the rustic. The company started as a wood crafting shop creating one-of-a-kind furniture and decor pieces. Expanding their services to graphic design they now run a line of unique apparel and wish to bring more to the art culture! check them out over at OaknHatchet.com

Mystery of the Flying Kicks @ Kixpo 2017! 

Saturday July 22nd Mystery of the Flying Kicks teamed up with local Sneaker Connoisseur Mr. Cutlass and Durty Laundry Clothing co. to showcase a special collection at Deadstock’s “Kixpo” sneaker convention at Dallas Fair Park’s Tower Building. The team had a street scene booth with high valued collector sneakers dawned on telephone lines with the matching paintings hung on a street fence. Celebrities along with Collectors buyers and sellers from all over came out to see the booth along with the convention of shoe goers. Radio personalities along with Dj’s conducted interviews and frequently shouted out the booth as Rapheal completed live paintings and Mr. Cutlass welcomed on-goers over to the table to discuss his fine collection of rare deadstock shoes. The team plans on doing more together so stay tuned! BVMP6705




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A quick Glance at my mural work in Dallas Texas Deep Ellum as I prepare a wall for a new up and coming Art/Music and events venue that will add to the culture of the area.

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