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 Mystery of the Flying Kicks News

Mystery of the Flying Kicks @ Kixpo 2017! 

Saturday July 22nd Mystery of the Flying Kicks teamed up with local Sneaker Connoisseur Mr. Cutlass and Durty Laundry Clothing co. to showcase a special collection at Deadstock’s “Kixpo” sneaker convention at Dallas Fair Park’s Tower Building. The team had a street scene booth with high valued collector sneakers dawned on telephone lines with the matching paintings hung on a street fence. Celebrities along with Collectors buyers and sellers from all over came out to see the booth along with the convention of shoe goers. Radio personalities along with Dj’s conducted interviews and frequently shouted out the booth as Rapheal completed live paintings and Mr. Cutlass welcomed on-goers over to the table to discuss his fine collection of rare deadstock shoes. The team plans on doing more together so stay tuned! BVMP6705


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  1. I want to say i am very proud of you My Son, I love your creative genius and I am am your biggest fan. I love you.

  2. Wow this is amazing and glad to see your creativity shine, lol I guess this mames me your third biggest fan.

  3. yoo ralph wuts good just showing love to the page…i remember since i was a youngn in the art room looking up to the dope art you did around the school…few yrs later you still doing your thing…thanks for the motivation to follow your passion my G…respect

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